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Takata Race, Drift en Formula gordels


Takata Race, Drift en Formula Gordels

Wanneer u op zoekt bent naar de goede en betrouwbare 4-punts gordels kijk dan eens naar de range van TAKATA. Deze gordels zijn leverbaar als 4-, 5-, of uitbreidbaar met een extra strap zelfs als 6-punts gordels. Alle racegordels zijn voorzien van het bekende groene takata gordel logo. De sportgordels zijn leverbaar in de kenmerkende groene kleur of in het zwart.

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TAKATA Race gordels

Takata RACE belts are manufactured by Takata Racing in Germany to the latest FIA standards. These 6 point belts feature 2" lap belts, and either 3" shoulder belts, or 3" to 2" HANS® specific shoulder belts. The sub-strap uses Takata's compact T-Bar sub-strap. Both snap-on and bolt-on options are offered for mounting. Versions of the RACE 6 belts with 3" lap belts are also available with SFI certification.

Takata also offers 4 point RACE Series harnesses. Unique to these products is the feature of ASM® (anti submarining mechanism) which is added to the right shoulder belt. ASM® activates whenever an impact of a critical level occurs releasing and extra two inches of webbing on the right shoulder - allowing enough upper torso rotation and thus helping to reduce the likelihood of submarining. In additional unique bendable stainless steel mount bracket for the lap belts allow for easy installation to factory seat belt mounting points.

TAKATA Drift gordels

The Takata DRIFT Series of belts, manufactured by Takata Racing in Germany, are uniquely designed for safe installation in passenger cars with factory seats. The belts meet both FMVSS (US) & ECE (European) standards for "Street Legal" use. Both belts incorporate Takata ASM® technology and bendable stainless steel mounting hardware allowing installation to factory seat belt mounting points without effecting the operation of factory seat belts. Takata DRIFT belts set new standard style and safety of aftermarket, Street Legal belts. DRIFT belts come in both Takata Green and Black to match any interior scheme with style!


TAKATA Formula gordels

The FORMULA range is compiled of FIA approved harnesses for reclined or space limited seating positions as found in various formula cars, prototypes and kit cars. The routing of the crotch belts is through D-Rings on the lap belts so there is no hardware between the legs of the driver in the small confines of the cockpit.

The FORMULA 6 features the exclusive TAKATA aluminum multi-point release cam-lock buckle, 3" shoulder belts, 2" lap belts and 2" crotch belts. The lap and crotch belts are supplied with wrap-in bolt on hardware which can also be removed for installation with pinch-plates as found in many formula type cars. The shoulder belts are provided with sewn in bolt on brackets with a 5/16" (8mm) mounting hole.

Takata Quality - made by Takata Racing (Europe) in Germany


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